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Why Doing business With Tobmarth Logistics ?

Tobmarth Logistics is a custom licensed agent reputable shipping, Clearing & Forwarding company that has worked over the years to satisfactorily meet the demands of individual and company ….   ……  .

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Our e-Business solutions

Tobmarth Logistics has the most advanced IT systems in the shipping industry. These systems are continually enhanced and adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our fully integrated global network supports all essential functions of container logistics. Transport data is entered into the system only once, and can then be tracked in real-time from anywhere in
the world. This prevents errors due to duplication, enhances the quality of service through correct documentation and lowers costs for everyone concerned.

 Tobmarth Logistics offers a variety of e-Business solutions for information sharing that are oriented towards the needs of our customers. Thanks to the extensive e-Business solutions of Tobmarth Logistics , we support the efficient processing of relevant data along the entire transport chain.We put our professional Knowledge into ensuring that freights forwarded by our international partners are, handled with utmost diligence, integrity and professionalism.
Our staff and partners are firmly on ground at the major cargo entry points in Nigeria, to render our trade mark efficient services

Professionals you can always trust.


1.Responsiveness: We value how our services is assessed, hence we have developed a culture of being responsive at all times to challenges and duties.
2.Integrity: We know that integrity promotes trust, and trust grows business. Therefore every member of our teams appreciates the place of integrity in our transactions.
3.Prompt: Modern business thrives on speed and timelines, hence we hold dearly and with pride the collective commitment of our team (top to bottom) to prompt delivery on all our transactions.
4.Innovation: Every progressive system must have the capacity for advancing evolution. Tobmarth Logistics, has a corporate policy of constant innovation and evolving better ways of delivering services

5.Technology: Technology remains an indispensable factor of modern world. We are resolved to embrace the best and most relevant technology to enhance our productivity as well as the quality of our output. Information technology revolution has become central to global communication, and we will not be wanting in taking advantage of this tool of business efficiency.

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End-to end- Solution

We Offer a turn-key solution for customers, we can manage all aspects of Shipping, Clearing & Forwarding, Logistics and Warehosing. We use a disciplined balance of technical competence and insight to steadily lead projects toward integrated scope, cost, time and quality objectives.

Warehousing Services
  • Retail Distribution
  • Order fulfillment
  • Pick & Pack Services
  • Inventory Management 
  • EDI Capabilities 
  • Advanced shipping notices
  • Packaging and Assembly Services
  • Trans loading
  • Long & short term storage capabilities
  • Cross Dock and Domestic Services
  • Pick-Pack capabilities
  • CFS Approved & Bonded Warehouse
Tobmarth International Logistics Limited was incorporated in the year 1999 and commence operations same year as a supply chain logistics provider. Tobmarth International Logistics is an indigenous multinational international logistics and supply chain management company with services covering clearing and freight forwarding, Exhibition logistics, project logistics in the oil industry, raw materials, engineering spares, finished products and Road Haulage transportation with Head office located at 9, Aerodrome Road, Apapa, Lagos. Nigeria. Tobmarth offers a lot of beneficial services, some of which include the following; [1] We are able to uplift consignments from any point in Nigeria to any part of the world on door-to-door basis, through our various agents and affiliates, which we have network with. [2] In terms of Haulage, we also offer notable services through third party transporters, with access to over a hundred (30) trucks in all. With a Goods In Transit (GIT) Insurance of twenty (20) million per carriage and three hundred (300) million per annum, clients are guaranteed financial security and safe conveyance of their goods to specified locations. Tobmarth maximum lead time for clearing fast track consignments is three (3) days, while that of the normal clearing procedure is five (5) days as against the ten (10) normal working clearance days. We have been able to achieve this due to our experienced clearing clerks. [3] Tobmarth takes pride in the ability to provide a 360 logistics simulation model for clients which suggests ways of improving the logistics process by addressing issues like the most appropriate shipping agents to make use of, the international agents who would handle the freight forwarding process, as well as proper ways of handling clearing documentation. [4] Each client is given a single contact person to ensure that consistent updates concerning the whereabouts of their consignments are made available. This transparent system of operations validates Tobmarth’s credibility. [5] All our operatives have undertaken an intense structured training program developed to maintain the highest standards of the industry and our excellent reputation has been built upon delivery of first class services in all aspects of freight handling.
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